Digital Roots Membership


For remote members, this option provides digital access to community events, educational content, and the opportunity for virtual consultations.
Digital Roots Membership Coming Soon

Scroll down, check out what this membership will have to offer, and at the bottom of the page you will be able to sign up to receive a notification for when this membership will be available!

What Will Be Included?

This Membership will include access to a whole variety of marketing, accounting and design resources & tools. this membership will grant you access to everything you need to effectively market your business through tips, resources and networking events.

Marketing & Financial Tools

Access to a library of articles, documents and spreadsheets all designed to help you learn how to grow your brand and business.

Design Templates

Design templates for email, ads, social, web and print multiple channels, platforms and themes will be sent to your inbox every single month.

Virtual Events & Communication

Regularly updated lists of tutorials and master classes, as well as exclusive access to our virtual networking and communication channels

Grow, Learn, Work & Succeed

Check out our blog! We have tons of helpful and inspiring words to share surrounding topics from growing your business to growing yourself.

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